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Tips for Fresh Breath

Dentists say it all the time- If you brush twice a day, floss and scrape your tongue, it is the first step towards battling bad breath. Your mouth contains millions of bacteria, so remember, your food supply is  their food supply .

Drink plenty of water- Hydrate hydrate – It is not only good for your skin, and the entire system by flushing out toxins, but it’s a very simple and easy way to clear stubborn food particles from your mouth and eliminate dryness of your mouth,which can cause bad breath. Saliva helps keep the oral tissues moist, so saliva along with ample of water intake can help prevent dry mouth. Alcohol too contributes to dry mouth, so eliminate intake of alcohol.

Eat foods that are high in vitamin C rich foods like melons, citrus fruits and fiber packed foods like apples and celery.

Opt for sugar free gum instead of sugary mints which do more harm than good by leaving behind a sugar residue on the tongue .

If you are following all the above tips and still have less than ideal fresh breath, contact your Dentist In Glendale Heights at 630-793-9480 or make an appointment online via www.glendaleheightsdentist.com.

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