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What should I know about my wisdom teeth

For those who have their wisdom teeth placed correctly in a mouth that is big enough for them to erupt completely without tilting, wisdom teeth are usually harmless. But for many patients, wisdom teeth can cause many problems and these problems more often than not necessitate removal of the wisdom teeth.

Do you need your wisdom teeth removed?

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Post extraction care-

1. Many times, more than one  wisdom tooth are removed at a singleappointment , so that recovery time is reduced. Patients should be prepared for a liquid diet at least for a day or two after wisdom teeth removal. You can have ice creams , mashed potatoes , pudding without any guilt after wisdom teeth removal.

2. As with any tooth removal or minor surgery, expect some pain and swelling. These can be controlled by antibiotics and pain medicines.

3. Brush very gently in the region of the extraction site and try to keep the socket free of food particles .

4.  Ice packs applied externally can help to reduce the swelling , if any.

This article has been posted by Dr. Purvi Thakkar.

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